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    Recently I tested out a strategy to increase my credit score without spending $100s on any courses or paying some fake guru to make promises of increasing my credit score.

    I searched up multiple credit building websites and one specific credit builder platform stook out to me because they give you an option to pay $25-$100 per month for 12 months however they write you a check and send you 90% of the money you paid after 12 months.

    How it works:
    They put $600 on your credit report as debt, then you pay the company $50 per month automatically out your bank account and at the end of the 12 months you receive most of the money back.

    But here’s the catch, if you miss a payment they won’t report it as bad debt but they will keep all the cash you paid if you don’t fully commit to the program.

    Many companies don’t offer money back, so this is a huge opportunity to increase your credit without paying too much..

    — Here’s what I forgot to mention. My credit score went up almost 200 points and I have over 150K in debt and most of my debt is in collections and still seen a huge increase.

    The website to increase your score is called: self | Visit

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