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    As you may know it’s important to have a good credit score, however many of us have F**ked our credit in the past lol.. I’m guilty of it.

    What I’ve done is scrubbed the internet for different credit building technology that helps the average consumer increase his/her credit score without spending money on hiring credit gurus or other scams.

    This works even if you have bad credit or no credit at all. Most people don’t know they can increase their score even if their in massive debt. The secret is if you can’t afford to keep paying your current credit cards, stop immediately and allow them to fall into collections. Now your credit will fall drastically but the debt will be sold to a collection agency and the good thing is that the debt will stop reporting each month as missed payments because it will be in collections now..

    So, the second part is now that your debt is in collections, you can start building your credit. I want to share a simple stupid method anyone can do to increase their credit by 150-300 points per year..

    There’s an app called EXTRA :

    This app is a debit card but it takes the money you spend and add it to your credit report and charges as credit. So you spend money from the debit card and it does the conversion for you and report to all three credit bureaus.

    The reason why you need to make sure all your other debt is in collections because if your having issues paying your credit cards and miss one payment every couple months, your credit will fall drastically. If you outright stop paying, after 6-8 months creditors sell your debt to collection agencies at a fraction of a dollar and now you stop receiving so many bad remarks on your credit because the damage is done.

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