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    Okay, so you want to know the dark truth why you keep failing at Youtube even though you make pretty good content and have been consistent for a while but still not getting any results?

    Here’s the truth, Youtube is an algorithm based platform and their goal is to show people the best videos that keep users on the platform. Now, you could have a lot of watch time and engagement but it doesn’t guarantee the algorithm will share your content with more people.

    Over 700,000 hours of video content are being uploaded to Youtube daily and less than 50% of videos get 1000 views statistically. – Source

    Not to mention only 1% of videos go viral,that means you have 99% chance getting average views 50-500 per video.

    It’s very strange because you could have high watch time, good click through rate but still not getting any views and that sucks.

    Here’s my suggestion, open your eyes and realize that the system is rigged and you probably won’t become a super star. But don’t give up, just keep going or start another channel that you enjoy doing.

    Focus on what you enjoy and begin to appreciate the smallest amount of people watching your videos. Your views will grow over time and if it’s not super huge, no worries don’t fall into the trap of watching other people channels and getting depressed because there audience is larger than yours. Just focus on your audience and grow your channel part time as a hobby and maybe one day can make you a full time income.

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